What Sets Us Apart

Our Philosophy

Dr. Madeleine Groth and our team want to eliminate the “fear of the dentist” and build trust with each of our patients.

We believe the relationships we build with our patients is what sets us apart from other offices. Anyone can “drill and fill” teeth, but we are known for our listening skills and our attention to each patient’s wants and needs, as we dedicate time to get to know each person who comes in.

Our goal is to establish comfort and communication, to educate and empower, and to help our patients achieve their healthiest, happiest smiles: one person at a time!

Our Approach to Dental Care

Ours is a single-location practice, Dr. Groth is a solo practitioner, and our team is stable. With continuity of care you will see and interact with the same people at each visit: people you know and trust, who greet you by name and care about what’s happening in your life!

  • Dr. Groth grew up in Shreveport and obtained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. She is an experienced and dedicated professional, constantly pursuing continuing education to keep current on the latest dental options. Through her studies and in-depth evaluations, she is able to incorporate the best new technologies, materials, and techniques into the practice and patient care. Beyond her clinical abilities, Dr. Groth is kind, gentle, and attentive. She will listen to and partner with you to find dental solutions that work for your specific goals and support you as you achieve and keep a healthy smile!
  • Our team members – in the front office and the clinic – are highly-skilled, professional, and personable. We thrive on the warm relationships that we build with those in our care, treating each person as family and considering them to be friends. Each of us shares Dr. Groth’s dedication to providing the high-quality dental care you deserve and works hard to earn your trust, so you smile at the thought of visiting us!
  • Our practice is known for being thorough and using advanced technology, including intraoral scanners and 3D imaging, for detailed diagnostics and treatment planning. Using these images, Dr. Groth is able to show you what is happening in your mouth and discuss treatments that will correct issues. All recommendations come from evidence-based science and are what you need to achieve your health, wellness, and aesthetic goals. By presenting the information in an understandable manner, and fully answering your questions, Dr. Groth will guide you to making informed decisions about treatment: this is your life and health, and you deserve to be an engaged partner in caring for your smile!

Learn More

Dr. Groth and our team are excited for the opportunity to meet, speak with, and listen to you. We hope to learn what you want from dental care, discuss what we offer, and design a treatment plan to get you to the functional and beautifully healthy smile you desire!

Please schedule a complimentary consultation – no obligation, sales pitch, or unwanted services, we promise – at our Lafayette, LA dental office, to learn more!

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